Ceramill Sintron 98mm

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Amann Girrbach

Powerful innovation is incorporated into the Ceramill Sintron® CoCr sinter metal from Amann Girrbach. This non-precious metal revolutionizes the manufacturing process, as the wax-like texture of the Ceramill Sintron® blanks (CoCr blanks) allows them to be effortlessly dry milled on in-house benchtop machines such as the Ceramill Motion. The labor-intensive and error-prone casting procedure and therefore time-consuming manual working stages are no longer required.

The sinter process in the Ceramill Argotherm is also extremely easy: the press of a button is sufficient for a great result with excellent structure quality. Maximum process reliability produces homogeneous, distortion-free frameworks without contraction cavities. Using the new Ceramill Sintron® it is possible to achieve predictable, reproducible fit and framework qualities. Ceramill Sintron® can be veneered using any CoCr framework porcelain.

At this time, we are in agreement with Roland that milling Sintron CrCo discs in the Roland DWX-50 & DWX-51D should NOT be done. CAP R&D has tested the workflow at CAP and we have determined Sintron debris to be potentially damaging to this mill.