Ceramill Zolid 71mm - Zirconia Disc

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0.50 LBS
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Zirconia Type:
Highly Translucent
Zirconia Coloring:
Amann Girrbach

Ceramill Zolid Classic enables highly aesthetic final results with a relatively small degree of customization. The Ceramill Liquid colouring liquids, specially developed for Ceramill Zolid Classic, enable easy, precise staining in the 16 VITA classical tooth shades and provide a perfect basis for subsequent customization using Ceramill Stain & Glaze materials and/or veneering porcelain. Ceramill Zolid Classic can be used for fully anatomical or anatomically reduced restorations and has impressive light dynamics, depth effect and natural aesthetics.

Due to the high stability of the material Ceramill Zolid Classic is ideal for fully anatomical restorations, which are functionally adapted from a single piece in combination with the Ceramill CAD/CAM system.

71mm disks only for use in Ceramill Motion2 and Mikro mills.