Denstply Sirona inCoris CCB - 98mm

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Material Type:  Sinter metal for NPM restorations 

Indications:  Fully contoured crowns and bridges, copings and bridge frameworks, telescope crowns, bars, and attachments

The majority of all restorations fabricated around the world are still made of non-precious metal (NPM). inCoris CC (block) and inCoris CCB (discs) are sintering metals based on a CoCr alloy that, like the well-known zirconium oxide  process, is first milled while oversized and then compacted by dense sintering in a furnace in an argon gas atmosphere (inFire HTC speed with Superspeed + Metal).

  • Easy, clean and fast
  • Homogeneous material quality with uniform shrinkage and without deformations, inclusions or similar