Dentsply Sirona inCoris TZI - 98.5mm

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Material type:  Translucent zirconium oxide sinter ceramic

Indications:  Fully contoured posterior crowns and bridges; anterior crowns and bridges are possible; telescope crowns, bars, and attachments

inCoris TZI is used to produce fully contoured crowns and bridges with up to nine units. Thanks to its high translucency, inCoris TZI requires no veneering, making it an inexpensive and more esthetic alternative to non-veneered and partially veneered metal restorations.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Ideal for critical situations with limited space between restoration and antagonists
  • No chipping
  • Approved for speed sintering and superspeed sintering with inFire HTC speed
  • inCoris TZI Coloring Liquid for custom staining of restorations
  • After applying coloring liquid and sintering, the restoration can be individualised with conventional stains and glazes