NT Trading Scanbody 3D-Guide (Nobel Replace) (E9.3D3.500, E9.3D4.300, E9.3D5.000, E9.3D6.000)

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NT Trading scan bodies have been uniquely designed using pre-machine titanium interfaces. This metal interface insures accurate seating to analogs. In addition, this titanium interface resists deformation over time. The scan portion of the scan body has been designed to accurately transfer the angle, depth and non rotational features of the analog. The peek material used for the scan bodies are scan friendly for all scanners and require no powder.

NT Trading Part #s:

E9.S3D3.500 (3.5mm NP)

E9.S3D4.300 (4.3mm RP)

E9.S3D5.000 (5.0mm WP)

E9.S3D6.000 (6.0mm)