Sintra Sintering Furnace

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160.00 LBS

The Sintra by Shenpaz is a fully programmable furnace adaptable to all Zirconium Oxide materials on the market today.  The degassing feature keeps the muffle clean of impurities from sintering Zr colors and enhances the translucency.

All the parameters, even the preprogrammed cycles can be modified, adapted and changed according to existing or future Zr materials. This includes different temperatures, different delays and different ramp.

The degassing phase option is performed to expel impurities from the firing chamber. The degassing phase is achieved by an automatic setting of the lift movement. The degassing process is important in extending the life cycle of the muffle and to assure high repeatability of the sintering process.


Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive full color digital display
  • Simultaneous sintering of up to 80 restorations
  • 200 customizable sintering programs
  • Two sintering trays
  • USB port
  • Acoustic signals alert furnace statuses from a distance