Zirlux FC2 98.5mm

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Zirlux FC2 Zirconia is available in 5 pre-shaded Zirconia discs easily achieve all 16 VITA® classic shades and 3 bleach shades by using with the Zirlux FC2 characterization kit. The FC2 Characterization Kit includes 10 shade pastes, 6 modifier pastes, and glaze that make up the system allow you to create the lifelike restorations that dentists and patients require, with the efficiency you desire.


  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Frameworks



  • High translucency— provides superior aesthetics
  • Strength >1,100 MPa
  • Consistency— simple stain & glaze technique does not require dipping, coloring, or drying
  • Use the Zirlux® FC2 Characterization Kit to combine your craftsmanship with a simple stain and glaze technique for the finest results of full-contour crowns and bridges. The kit includes 10 shade pastes and 6 modifiers to achieve all 16 VITA® classical shades as well as 3 bleach shades.

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